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Arena Flowers review: 'Delivery days will always be special'

Arena Flowers subscription review: 'delivery days will always be special'

The UK's most ethical florist is delivering big and bold blooms to subscribers across the country

Arena Flowers holds the title of the UK's top-rated ethical florist. What does that mean precisely? They are on a mission to plant as many trees as possible with the help of their customers. For every bouquet sold, they plant one tree in one of many countries experiencing deforestation. On top of that, they are a sustainable carbon-neutral florist who have removed single-use plastics from their products.

Arena Flowers recently launched their seasonal flower subscription — a popular rolling service now provided by many online florists. The service is perfect for those who buy fresh blooms on a regular basis or are looking for an indulgent treat to brighten up their home. Subscribers receive a bouquet curated by Arena Flowers weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Flower deliveries depend on seasonal availability and Arena work directly with farms and Fairtrade growers to source locally where possible.

Arena Flowers subscription review: 'delivery days will always be special'

Upon receiving the first delivery, first impressions were great as the box that arrived was so big and beautiful, it felt like a birthday or wedding day. True to their promise, Arena Flowers come in plastic-free packaging and the mighty box (approx. 50-60cm long) asserted what a wonderful treat receiving flowers regularly can be. It was great to see that the flower food sachets provided are 100% compostable too, a welcome change from the film wrapped bouquets in supermarkets.

The box opened up to reveal a beautiful heap of fresh, un-rustled 'Sarah Bernhardt' peony buds in pre-bloom and ready to be arranged along with complementary foliage. Other flower subscription services offer letterbox sized deliveries for convenience, but this can limit the size and diversity of the bouquets. Those who join the Arena Flowers subscription service are assured that delivery days will always be special.

The buds arrived in great shape and the box displays a step-by-step guide to arranging the stems. With little experience arranging flowers, it was a little tricky at first — confidence and a nice big vase are essential. Though a vase of buds will never match the magnificence of flowers in bloom, a great part of this service is enjoying the process — even if a little patience is required.

Arena Flowers subscription review: 'delivery days will always be special'

The flowers bloomed magnificently in just a matter of days. The Arena Flowers subscription service exceeded my expectations: the delivery was fast, the packaging impressive and the bouquet livened up my living room for around seven days before heading for the compost.

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Arena Flowers offer: Get £5 flowers when you subscribe

Arena Flowers voucher code entitles you to a £10 discount (get a bunch as low as £5!) off your first delivery. Subscribe to receive beautiful blooms from the UK's top-rated ethical florist.

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