Andrea Tate to blackmail estranged husband Jamie

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 July 2020
Anna Nightingale

Anna Nightingale

'Emmerdale's Andrea Tate is set to blackmail her estranged husband Jamie over his hit and run

'Emmerdale's Andrea Tate is set to blackmail her estranged husband Jamie after he confesses his hit and run to her.

The scheming spouse will use Jamie's confession – about how he hit Moira Barton with his car before speeding off – to try to win him back, damaging his relationship with Belle Dingle.

Andrea – played by actress Anna Nightingale – manages to convince Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) that they should keep the accident hidden from his mother Kim Tate and that they should pretend they are back together.

However, after Jamie changes his mind and chooses Belle, Andrea threatens to go to the police about his confession.

Andrea initially left the village after Jamie's affair with Belle but Anna insisted her alter-ego has not given up hope of saving her marriage.

She previously told "She knows Belle's humiliated her and obviously she can't stand what she's done to her relationship.

"But at the moment, she's not even given a thought to Belle because she's only focusing on her family and keeping her marriage together.

"And so who knows, maybe that will come down further down the line.

"They live in a small village. If Andrea comes back for good, how is she going to be in the same space as her."

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