Mohamed's secret task

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 August 2008

Stuart suspects Mo has secret task

Housemates suspect Mohamed of having a secret task. The group struggled to come up with a reason why the greedy Somalian toy demonstrator spent more than an hour in the Diary Room this afternoon.

But when the 24-year-old claimed he simply "feel asleep" in the chair, the group's suspicions rose.

Darnell said it had been the "longest ever" session of a housemate talking to Big Brother.

Sexy Aussie Sara suggested he may have been getting a telling off for messing with the sound equipment.

She said: "He does bite his microphone wire a lot."

But it was Stuart - who faces eviction alongside trainee teacher Rachel this week - who came to the conclusion he was plotting something at the request of Big Brother.

He shouted: "It's a secret task!"

While Mohamed was in the Diary Room, arrogant chef Rex thought the hopeless romantic may have been evicted.

Stuart added: "Well, it is a Wednesday. Midweek eviction..."

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