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  • 13 August 2008

Lisa wants to be friends with Stuart

Lisa wants to go out in Manchester with Stuart. The 40-year-old sales rep said it would be nice to meet up with the hunky father-of-one (3pm), as well as evictees Dale, Luke and boyfriend Mario, because they all live so close.

She said: "You're only down the road from me and Mario.

"We could all meet up every now and again. I don't know if it would actually work out like that, but it would be funny if we did. All walking into a bar together.

"We could even go to the gym together."

But grumpy Stuart - who is the bookies' super hot favourite to be evicted this week - said he did not believe any of them would be close after the show.

He said: "A lot of friendships will fade. I'll keep close to three or four people. After a year we've got nothing in common, any of us.

"In normal life, I've got nothing in common with most of you guys, so as soon as you take away the house we've got nothing."

He added: "It's different obviously with Rex and Nicole."

Lisa suggested: "But, we've got training. And weights..."

Deflated Lisa went on to talk about friends she has kept in touch with from other shows she had featured on including 'Kitchen Criminals' and 'Gladiators'.

Kat added: "But you've all got to come to my wedding next year."

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