Russell Brand's Neighbours script 'went out the window' for guest spot

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  • 3 July 2020
Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Comedian Russell Brand's "script went out the window" for his 'Neighbours' cameo as he launched into "his own brilliant monologue"

Russell Brand's "script went out the window" for his 'Neighbours' cameo.

The 45-year-old comedian is set to make a guest appearance on the Australian soap next week, and actor Ryan Moloney – who plays Jarrod 'Toadie' Rebecchi – admitted his one-time co-star delivered "his own brilliant monologue" during the shoot.

He told Inside Soap magazine: "Oh my God – what an experience! He was so funny and such a nice person.

"The script went out the window, and Russell did his own brilliant monologue word-perfect on the first go, so my expression of hearing it for the first time is absolutely genuine!"

Ryan – whose character Toadie gets some words of advice from Russell at the Erinsborough Writers' Festival – also revealed how the guest star was "incredibly generous" and happy to take photos with the cast and crew.

He added: "He was incredibly generous with everyone on set.

"Russell hung around for photographs and there was a queue lined up – he really gave everyone his undivided attention."

The cameo appearance was filmed back in March while Russell was on tour in Australia.

During his scene with the comedian, Toadie says: "You're Russell Brand! What are you doing here?"

Russell replies: "Touring the world, spreading the message – life, love, limitless. I'm a writer and I enjoy festivities ... synchronicity."

And then Toadie responds: "That's awesome."

Jason Herbison, the executive producer of 'Neighbours', revealed earlier this year that the show's bosses had invited Russell to the set after discovering he was a huge fan of the soap.

Speaking back in March, he explained: "As it turned out, we were filming an upcoming storyline that gave an organic reason for him to pass through Ramsay Street and we're not just about his comedic talent – his literary genius plays a huge part."

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