Listen: Blicero releases new single 'iwanttogooutside'

Listen: Blicero releases new single 'iwanttogooutside'

Glasgow-based producer returns with a lively follow-up to early 2020 single 'Playtime'

Having begun his musical journey first with the guitar, veering into a deep love for ambient and electronic music in his teens, before then going on to study music production at university, Luke Palmer has gradually found his niche in the world of dance music. Under the moniker Blicero, Palmer has been making glorious experimental works which perfectly highlight his burgeoning talents as a producer, with interesting soundbites and recordings moving in tandem with often intricate rhythms and beats.

Having released Like a Bee Over Something Sweet, his first collection of ambient works, in October 2019, follow-up single 'Playtime' saw the producer take on a more upbeat dance-heavy approach, the vibrant track offering a contrast to Like a Bee's mellow and beautifully understated musical landscape. Now, as he returns with new single 'iwanttogooutside', Palmer continues in the same trajectory as 'Playtime', with the track providing a bouncy ode to the outdoors and the dancefloor, written in direct response to the the effects of COVID-19 and lockdown.

'The composition was my natural response to COVID-19 shagging my summer plans and being left in my flat all day.' Palmer explains. 'I was dealing with adjusting and coming to terms with how things were; just as Glasgow's rare sun started to shine. I desperately wanted to make something that felt like we could move together to when this is all over. I really just wanted to fucking go outside.'

A sentiment shared by many in this strange period, 'iwanttogooutside' embodies a sense of yearning, with a build-up of energy via the heavy kick drum and infectious synth hooks setting the track alight and ready for summer grooving, whether that be alone or on a dancefloor sometime in the future.

Alongside the track, Dealt with Records labelmate Ros T has remixed Blicero's 'The Cost of Lies' from his debut album. It's a darker and more melancholic number, with a sustained and frenzied Scottish fiddle melody acting as its focal point amidst the rich bass and rippled watery sound effects. 'Ros T did a slapping job of taking 'The Cost of Lies' and making something really different and fresh.' Palmer says. 'He made the small cassette orchestra that was the original into something larger than life with a great vibe.'

'iwantogooutside' and 'The Cost of Lies (Ros T Remix)' are out now on Dealt With Records.

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