Best UK women's shaving subscription services and how to trial them

Best UK women's shaving subscription services and how to trial them

FFS razor collection

Kiss single-use plastic and razor rash goodbye with an eco-conscious and convenient shaving subscription

In the midst of the climate crisis, disposable plastics in the bathroom are a problem. Lucky for the planet (and the public), more eco-conscious options — like shampoo bars, compostable deodorants and reusable razors — are slowly becoming the norm. Eco-friendly razor subscriptions are on the rise, challenging you to ditch single-use plastic and switch to a long-lasting, high-quality reusable razor and if you fancy it, a rolling blade subscription too. Ditch single-use razors for a razor rash-free shaver and get blades delivered to you at intervals to suit. It's cost-effective, convenient and kinder to the planet.


FFS is leading the way for women's razor subscriptions right now with an eco-conscious, convenient service delivering high-quality blades to subscribers. They have bagged multiple awards since their launch and continue to reduce waste and reflect on their carbon footprint every step of the way. All deliveries come in recyclable packaging and each razor is made with a reusable metal handle. Blades can also be recycled with the FFS Blade Recycling Scheme at a small cost. As for the shave: 'FFS blades are effortless to load, clean and store', ' after a shave with my FFS razor, my skin didn't feel irritated at all'. Read the full review.
How to try: Try the starter kit for as little as £6.95
Blade plan pricing: £9.95 per delivery


grüum have squashed the notion of gender-specific products and instead provide exceptional razors and blades 'for everybody'. Simplicity, honesty and fairness in price are at the forefront of grüum's principles. They are a plastic-neutral brand that deliver blades as needed for a convenient shaving experience that leaves skin smooth and cared for.

Tailor your razor plan to your shaving routine and get a free colourful oska razor handle with your first delivery. Be sure to check out their skincare range and make use of their free (yes, free!) razor recycling scheme whilst you're at it.
How to try: Tailor your first grüum kit and get a free oska razor handle
Blade plan pricing: From £3 a month

Best UK women's shaving subscription services and how to trial them



Estrid state: 'for us it's about making shaving a bit more convenient, and a lot more affordable' as they attempt to eliminate the chore-like feeling of shaving. With that in mind, their blade plan, like many others, is an easy-to-tailor service that can be altered or cancelled anytime. Their stylish razor is ergonomically shaped and perfectly weighted for easy use and comes with 'velvety-smooth-yet-super-sharp' blades. Estrid want to reshape women's shaving, starting with their intentionally designed razor wall mount which encourages women to display their shaver unapologetically loud and proud.
How to try: Try the starter kit for £7.95
Blade plan pricing: £9.95 per delivery

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Despite most of their website addressing men, Harry's have been pumping out the message 'ladies, forget pink; try this' for some time now. It's not the strongest argument, but the multiple four-star and five-star reviews for their swish five-blade, German-engineered razors speak volumes. As do their social policies — with 1% of all sales going to charity. Try Harry's for a close and comfortable shave with blade refills costing as low as £2.
How to try: Trial Harry's for free. Just pay postage (£3.95)
Blade plan pricing: Approx £6 a month

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FFS women's shaving subscription service - save £3 on your first box

FFS are an award-winning company delivering unparalleled shaving equipment right to your door. Try a starter pack from as little as £6.95

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