Nicole keeps banana

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  • 13 August 2008

Nicole wanted to keep chocolate

Nicole refused to give up her food for athletic housemates this afternoon (13.08.08). The stroppy student said she was not prepared to let others eat her Mars chocolate bar or banana for energy in case Big Brother surprised her with a task later in the day.

Head of house Mikey tried to convince the 19-year-old to be generous.

He said: "It's up to you. You can do what you want but I'm forfeiting my Mars bar and banana to one of the athletes. It's only fair if you're just assisting today.

But Nicole was unprepared to let the more active housemates share her snacks.

She said: "I might have a task. You don't know do you."

Nicole eventually submitted a "maybe" to Mikey's righteous demands.

Mikey replied: "What do you mean maybe? If you're just helping you should forfeit your energy food. There's no maybe about it."

Nicole said there was no point in Mikey asking her if she was going to give her treats away if he had already made the decision as head of house.

Mikey replied: "If you want to have it you can have it Nicole."

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