Listen: Fourth Daughter releases new single 'Run'

Listen: Fourth Daughter releases new single 'Run'

Edinburgh electro-pop artist returns with third single

Previously going by EMILIE, Edinburgh singer-songwriter Emily Atkinson returns with the latest in a series of releases under her Fourth Daughter moniker. 'Run' follows on from 'Vision of You' and 'Time To Spare', both of which garnered decent attention for their lush soundscapes and gloriously mellow beats, leading to the electro-pop artist being listed as one of Vic Galloway's 25 Scottish Artists to Watch in 2020.

'Run' is similar in atmosphere, with subtle yet colourful synths building around Atkinson's dreamy vocals and a general hazy vibe bringing to mind artists like Shura and Empress Of. Ahead of the release, we caught up with Atkinson to find out more about the single and what she's been up to during lockdown.

Can you tell us a little more about your new single and its main themes and ideas?
This was actually the first track myself and my producer Dave Lloyd had worked on together a good wee while ago now so it's really nice to finally get it out in the open. The idea was a play on words both with literally running from something, and the term associated with a characteristic running in your blood, so it's stamped on you because other people tell you so. It's an escapism from that.

How did you find the response to your earlier two singles?
It's been really good so far. I was quite nervous about starting up again from scratch but they've been received really well – especially so with the second single 'Vision of You'. It was a little more alternative and so I went all out with the video which went down a treat.

How have you been passing the time during lockdown?
To be honest, like everyone, I've been really jaded by all of it so I've been laying pretty low and just trying to keep busy and get out for a wander every so often. I've been feeling a bit more inspired the last couple of weeks though so I've been writing a fair amount in prep for getting back into the studio when I can and also been doing a lot of work for this release too. Even though I've had the track for a while, the artwork and images have all been designed in the last few weeks so it's been nice breathing new life into it again.

What are you most looking forward to doing once the restrictions are lifted and things are slightly more normal?
100% seeing friends and family. Will never ever EVER take that for granted again.

'Run' is out Fri 15 May. Check for news of future releases and shows.

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