Listen: Glasgow's Cara Rose releases new single 'Urges'

Listen: Glasgow's Cara Rose releases new single 'Urges'

Singer-songwriter returns with stunning follow-up to her debut single

When Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Cara Rose released her debut single 'Learn to Speak' earlier this year, it was met with a warm and positive response, with the track receiving praise and support from music blogs and Spotify, as well as being selected as Track Of The Week on BBC Scotland's Afternoon Show. The song, described as 'a tale of turmoil and resolve', provided a fitting introduction to the young musician, who, in the past year, has garnered plenty of buzz, playing two sold-out headline shows prior to having any music released.

Now, Rose returns with the follow-up to her debut, which sees her further cement her position as one of Glasgow's brightest new talents. 'Urges', out Fri 8 May, places her soulful and expressive vocals front and centre, with a gentle and subtle piano accompaniment weaving its way around her voice and harmonies. It's a track that explores themes of temptation and self-control, bringing to mind artists like Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, who Rose cites as influences. Ahead of the release of 'Urges', we caught up with the singer to find out more about the single and how she's been passing the time during lockdown with a fun daily dress challenge.

On the new single and its main themes and ideas
The song is about how life these days moves at a rapid pace and it's about trying to keep up with it all. I'm reflecting on the struggle of looking after myself and finding the balance of work, play and health – both physical and mental. It's extremely poignant right now, as so much of normal life has been put on hold in these uncertain times.

On her debut single Learn to Speak
The response to 'Learn To Speak' was and continues to be amazing. It's really encouraging to know that people love and relate to the song. I wrote the tune years ago and it's always been a favourite of mine to perform, and people have always connected with the tune, so it seemed a natural choice to have it as my first release.

On how she's been passing the time during lockdown
I've been focussing on keeping my mind and body as active as I can under the circumstances. For the first time in years I have managed to start and keep at a regular routine of exercise, which has been a lifesaver for my mental health. I have been learning the guitar, which has interestingly brought out another side of my songwriting which has been cool. I have been in regular contact with friends and family over video calls which keeps me feeling less isolated and makes this whole thing a little easier.

On the daily dress challenge and where this idea came from
So! Me and my mum have been doing daily dress themes/challenges and it basically stemmed from us watching The Tiger King on Netflix. The evening we sat down to watch the final episode we decided to get dressed all in animal print just for a bit of fun. From there, we thought it would be a good idea to have daily themes for what to wear each day, as motivation to get out of our PJs and for getting dressed in the morning. I started sharing the images on Instagram and more people started joining in. It's been a great way of discovering long lost clothes from the back of the wardrobe and has been a nice way for people to connect throughout isolation!

On the best way that audiences can support their favourite musicians during this period
Now more than ever I think we should be buying the music we like and merchandise from artists. Supporting them by streaming and sharing their music, sending messages of appreciation, liking/sharing a post on social media, or streaming a tune all go some way to help.

On what she's most looking forward to doing once the restrictions are lifted and things are slightly more normal
Hugging and kissing all of my friends and family is up there. For everyone this period of isolation has been so difficult to be away from their loved ones. After a load of hugging I cannot wait until live music kicks up again. I love going to see live music as much as I do performing, so it has been greatly missed.

Listen to 'Urges' now and follow the daily dress challenge on Cara's Instagram.

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