Watch: Frankenstein starring Benedict Cumberbatch & Jonny Lee Miller

Benedict Cumberbatch & Jonny Lee Miller.

The National Theatre at Home programme continues this week with an intriguing double-bill

Directed by Danny Boyle, the National Theatre's 2011 production of Frankenstein was filmed twice: once with Jonny Lee Miller playing Victor Frankenstein and Benedict Cumberbatch playing his creation, then again with the roles reversed as Cumberbatch plays the scientist while Miller plays the creature.

The two versions will be released over two nights as part of the National Theatre's at Home series, which has been keeping audiences entertained during lockdown with free weekly streams of shows from the archive

First up, at 7pm on Thursday, is the version with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature.

Then on Friday, the companion piece, with Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature.

Based on Mary Shelley's 19th century gothic classic, Frankenstein tells the story of a young scientist's unorthodox creation of a monstrous creature, who is rejected by both his maker and mankind. The National Theatre said of the show: 'Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Frankenstein's bewildered creature is cast out into a hostile universe by his horror-struck maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the increasingly desperate and vengeful Creature determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal.'

Cumberbatch and Miller alternated the roles when the show premiered in London in 2011, receiving great praise from critics for their contrasting strengths. But this isn't the first time that the pair have portrayed the same character; both have played contemporary versions of Sherlock Holmes on TV – Cumberbatch in Sherlock and Miller in Elementary.

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