Noel Gallagher releasing 'lost' Oasis song tonight

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 April 2020
Noel and Liam

Oasis' Noel and Liam Gallagher

Noel Gallagher has announced the release of a "lost" Oasis track called 'Don't Stop...', which he stumbled across in a pile of CDs

Noel Gallagher has announced the release of a previously "lost" Oasis song at midnight (29.04.20).

The Britpop group's former guitarist has revealed he stumbled upon the demo of 'Don't Stop...' in his collection of "hundreds of faceless unmarked CDs" and he believes there is only a soundcheck version of the track from a show in Hong Kong "about 15 years ago" that exists "out there".

Noel had assumed the track was "lost forever". In a statement posted on Twitter and Instagram, he announced: "Hey there dudes and dollies. Like the rest of the world I've had infinite time to kill lately so I thought I'd FINALLY look and find out what was actually on the HUNDREDS of faceless unmarked cd's I've got lying around in boxes at home. As fate would have it I have stumbled across an old demo which I thought had been lost forever. As far as I'm aware there is only one version of this tune "out there" from an Oasis soundcheck in Hong Kong about 15 years ago? I'm not sure whether the soundcheck version pre dates the demo as there's no date on the cd. know some of you love this tune so we thought we'd put it "out there" for you to enjoy/argue over. It'll be up on the internet from midnight.

"The song is called: 'Don't Stop...' Hope everyone is staying safe and trying to ride out the lockdown with the minimum of fuss. You're welcome by the way. "

The song was likely penned around the time of the 'Supersonic' hitmakers' 2005 LP, Don't Believe the Truth, which was released 15 years ago.

The Manchester legends embarked on the 'Don't Believe the Truth' world tour that year, which came to parts of Asia in 2006. On February 25, 2006, Oasis played the AsiaWorld-Arena in Hong Kong, where the soundcheck Noel mentioned would have taken place.

The 'Some Might Say' group split in 2009, following a backstage bust-up between Noel and his sibling Liam Gallagher, the band's former frontman, at their final gig in Paris.

During their career, Oasis – who formed in 1991 – released seven studio albums, starting with 1994's seminal Definitely Maybe and ending with 2008's Dig Out Your Soul.