Don't know what's available online? Just ask Alexa...

Amazon Echo Show displaying online events from The List.

We're opening up the world of online events by suggesting a selection each day

The world of online events has basically exploded in the last 6 weeks since much of the world was forced into lockdown or social distancing. As we've said, 'staying in is the new going out', at least for a while.

You might have noticed that The List has been committed to fulfilling its original 35-year-old mission, 'if it's on, it's in', and trying to find the widest selection of these new events, catalogue them to be discovered as easily as usual, and list them quickly so you have time to prepare. We've added thousands of online events this past few weeks, and more arrive every day.

But the rules are different just now – events are springing up at short notice, we hear about them in different ways, so planning ahead isn't easy. We're finding a lot of things going at night in particular, where the choice is getting competitive already.

So to try and help you out, we've launched a quick voice service via Amazon Alexa, to recommend you 3 things to do online each night. They could be a comedy, music performances of all kinds, theatre and cabaret, food and drink or if you're stuck, our hitlist. We hope they're useful and give you some choice in amongst the plethora of things to do.

To use it, enable the skill at – then at any time, say 'Alexa, ask what's online tonight'. You'll hear 3 suggestions, and if you have a screen device like Echo Show, we'll display them quickly for you too.

We're only offering events for each evening at the moment, but plan to expand this to future dates and times, and let you narrow down to 'comedy' or something else. We're grateful for any feedback too, so drop us a note at anytime if you have suggestions.

Amazon Echo is available in all shapes and sizes from £24.99, we recommend the Echo Show 8 for a great mixture of sound and vision.