Zoe Lyons


Back in 2001, reality TV might not have been the scabrous slice of vermin that it is now. The innocent spirit of adventure probably reigned and people who went onto those shows may actually have wanted to get on with each other. This is probably a horribly naïve notion. Hard to believe, but nice people like Zoe Lyons do occasionally go on such programmes and come out the other side no more or less hellish an individual. When the British version of Survivor arrived six years ago, not many people would have thought an award-winning comic was in our midst, but having left the island in the South China Seas after 30 days of starvation broken only by the odd munching of a rat and skewering of fish, Lyons clearly made some kind of resolution.

And that has resulted in several years of cultivating a strong stand-up act which earned her the Babycham Funny Women Award in 2004 and allowed her to leave behind a trail of unenviable jobs in her wake. Well, would you want to work on a banana farm or pack some jam? While she has hosted the Bent Double gay-friendly nights, goofed around as part of the Monkey Butlers and shared the limelight with Glaswegian ex-spin doctor Ayesha Hazarika in Two Birds Go into a Bar, a full hour of Zoe must surely be next on her agenda.

The Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh, Tue 13 Feb.

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