Jupiter Artland and OH141 announce five artists chosen for Rising Residency

Jupiter Artland and OH141 announce five artists chosen for Rising Residency

TAAHLIAH / credit: Cynthia Ammann

Farah Hussain, Ryan Miller, Chanelle Brown and TAAHLIAH & HUSS to receive funding and support as part of the week-long creative residency

When Glasgow-based creative platform OH141 and acclaimed sculpture park and gallery Jupiter Artland joined forces back in February for the Rising Residency, the primary aim was to reinforce the importance of inclusive representation within the wider arts scene. As a creative residency programme open to Scotland-based emerging artists who identify as womxn, a person of colour, LGBTQ+ and/or from a working class background, the Rising Residency is an antidote and much-needed initiative designed to support underrepresented artists via funding, guidance and a chance to exhibit their work.

Four projects and five artists have now been selected by an esteemed panel which includes artist, researcher and curator Alberta Whittle; Glasgow-based artist Andrew Sim; artist, set designer and photographer Furmaan Ahmed; DJ, events organiser and OH141 co-founder Sarra Wild; Nicky Wilson, founding director of Jupiter Artland; and Claire Feeley, Head of Exhibitions and Audience Engagement at Jupiter Artland.

Jupiter Artland and OH141 announce five artists chosen for Rising Residency

Farah Hussain

Farah Hussain's practice is inspired by her own life and makes use of a number of disciplines including sculpture, painting, photography and film, with her work exploring religion, drag, ethnomethodology, queerness, club culture and utopian worlds. 'The aesthetic of my work confides in a low-fi surreal world that is often based on the conceptual "safe space",' she says. 'My intention is to analyse emotional and physical connections that create a unique sense of place.'

London-born, Glasgow-based artist and poet Chanelle Brown's multi-sensory landscapes rewrite and unravel history beneath layers of hair, textiles, rhyme and moving image. 'The Rising Residency represents a new beginning for me,' she explains. 'In this time of quarantine, I have said goodbye to things and people that I love, I am learning about boundaries by social-distancing, and I am understanding self-love and community in new ways by self-isolating.'

Since graduating from art school, Ryan Miller's work has moved to a more botanical medium, with the artist having recently set up a florist business with the help of The Prince's Trust. 'I have a great interest in the outdoors and living in the wilderness,' he says. 'I hope the work I create will engage directly with the landscape, responding to notions of conservation, ecology, and sustainability of Scotland and with each project I will learn more about how I can incorporate floristry and art in an urban and rural space.'

Jupiter Artland and OH141 announce five artists chosen for Rising Residency

Chanelle Brown, Rivah Mumma: A Message from the Sea, 2017

Performance artist, producer and DJ TAAHLIAH and Middle Eastern, Glasgow-based artist HUSS will be working collaboratively on a project as part of the Rising Residency. TAAHLIAH's musical productions express a societal ideal of fluidity in line with different debates she animates across her city's cultural sector, while HUSS uses performance art to investigate concepts such as his own identity, his personal experiences with racism, ethnocentrism and xenophobic behaviours.

'I think it's fabulous that, as artists who inhabit an identity that some would consider as a minority, we are being provided with this space and artistic freedom to create one-off special pieces of work.' TAAHLIAH notes. 'I'm very excited for this residency,' HUSS continues, 'as not only is it giving me the opportunity to collaborate and work around people that inspire me very much, it also gives an opportunity to use this platform to speak up about important issues we are facing and issues I feel entrapped by.'

Jupiter Artland and OH141 announce five artists chosen for Rising Residency


Farah Hussain, Ryan Miller, Chanelle Brown and TAAHLIAH & HUSS will each receive £500 in financial support, will be given space to work on new or existing pieces, and will have the opportunity to receive guidance from panellists in the form of crits, workshops and talks throughout the week. The residency will culminate in an exhibition of their work at the Jupiter Rising Festival, which is set to return to Jupiter Artland on 29 and 30 August 2020.

Speaking on the selection process, panellist Furmaan Ahmed said: 'I think it is easy to get used to seeing the same names, the same formats and the same circle of artists creating and being given very public platforms from the same institutions (people coming from art schools). This selection was definitely an eye opener to me in terms of the vast quality of really valuable voices that do need platforms and to be supported. I really didn't know what to expect but I was quite blown away at how many strong artists with such strong voices had applied from all walks of life.

I hope that the artists in residence feel they have the support of a group of people who want to honour their voices and give them a nurturing space to grow with each other and learn new things about their practises from each other. I hope the audiences will experience the same joy and admiration I felt for these unique artists.'

Jupiter Artland and OH141 announce five artists chosen for Rising Residency

Ryan Miller

Nicky Wilson, Director of Jupiter Artland, said: 'Without doubt the Jupiter Rising Residency is the single most important engagement project we do at Jupiter. Supporting young artists in their practice following Jupiter Rising's ethos and allowing the immersive nurturing environment of the landscape to connect with the next frontier of protagonists in the creative world is more important than ever. To speak truth and examine society without flinching needs to be supported and enabled and in return we are nourished by the fresh thinking and enquiry. It's a good partnership and these artists are people to watch out for.'

Claire Feeley, Curator of Jupiter Rising, added: 'OH141 have been a curatorial partner since the beginning of Jupiter Rising and when Sarra came to me with a proposal to start the Rising Residency, I knew it was something that Jupiter Artland would get behind. We created Jupiter Rising as we saw the need for an artist-led festival in Scotland that centres artistic collaboration. The feedback we got from the first Jupiter Rising was phenomenal and the Rising Residency enables a longer-term commitment for artists to develop new collaborative works, taking advantage of the incredible site the festival inhabits at Jupiter Artland. Jupiter Rising is a focal point within the year-long artistic programme at Jupiter Artland, a celebration where a critical mass of artists and collaborators can come together to explore ideas, art, music and performance. It's also the creation of a temporary community, one that we hope to expand year-on-year.'

Jupiter Rising

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