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Best healthy dog food delivery service and trial packs

Get 50% discount off starter packs at Pure Pet Food

A pupper enjoying Pure Pet Food

Discounts codes for our favourite versatile dog food companies putting health, nutrition and the planet first

We call dogs '(hu)man's best friend' and for a very good reason. Now more than ever, we depend on their support, lean on their energy and enjoy their cheerfulness. Walking, playing and cuddling with them could be the high point of our lockdown days. So why not thank them with the best dog food options out there?

More and more people are switching to grain-free, nutritiously tailored meals for their pets, and it's great to see the industry is changing for the better. Low-quality ingredients are being swapped for human-grade meat and vegetables, putting pet health and the planet first. Browse through a list of the best pet food delivery services available right now. Subscriptions and one-off purchases are available and, to help you on your way, there are a number of pet food discount codes too.

Pure Pet Food

Founded in 2012, Pure Pet Food are on a mission to change the health of pets for the better. The Yorkshire based company deliver personalised air-dried meals, made with 100% fresh human-grade ingredients.

Their vet-approved nutritious meals have seen thousands of success stories ranging from glossier coats to better bellies. Simply tell them about your dog and Pure will create a personalised plan, tailored to your dog's specific needs.
How to try: Get a 50% discount off your first order (no discount code necessary)
Pricing: Calculated per pooch

Best healthy dog food delivery service and trial packs


Tails deliver over eight million grain-free meals to dogs every month with healthy options that cater to sensitive skin, old age or dental difficulties. Choose from a range of dry food, wet food, puppy food and more, all tailored to your pooch's own personal profile and delivered at convenient intervals to your home.
How to try: Try with 60% off your first order and free delivery (no discount code necessary).
Pricing: Approx. £15–£30 per month.

Pooch & Mutt

Grain and junk-free dog food that's also environmentally friendly and socially conscious? Yep, Pooch & Mutt offer healthy and tasty dry and wet food for our four-legged legends. For those looking to be more eco-friendly at home, Pooch & Mutt is an easy switch. They are a low carbon company and the wet food comes packaging that is 100% recyclable.

When it comes to the dog's dinner, there are plenty of five-star reviews backing this extensive product range that caters to health and digestion, joint care and more. It's easy to introduce your pet to a pure and healthy way of eating with a variety of flavours and products available for delivery.
How to try: Try taster packs from £1.99 and use code DELIVERFREE for free delivery
Pricing: Approx. £13.99 for 2kg or £19.99 for 12x375g food cartons.

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Butternut Box

Butternut Box prepares fresh dog food that contains 60% meat and 40% vegetable to keep our wee friends as healthy as possible. Their vet-approved and grain-free meals contain serves like Gobble Gobble Turkey, Wham Bam Lamb, Beef It Up and Chow Down Chicken. With custom plans come custom prices, and these can be tailored to your dog's age, weight and activity.
How to try: Get 15% off your first order (no discount code necessary)
Pricing: Calculated per pooch.

Best healthy dog food delivery services and how to trial them


Scrumbles make wet and dry dog food that aids good digestion and immune function among other health benefits. Their recipes contain all-natural, gluten-free ingredients made with high concentrations of meat and packed with probiotics and superfoods. Scrumbles offer subscription meal plans that are tailored to your pet and can be cancelled anytime.

With the planet in mind, Scrumbles meals are made using responsibly sourced ingredients in the UK and Ireland and their wet and dry food is served in eco-packaging
How to try: Save 25% on your first order when you subscribe
Pricing: Price per bag, starting from £14.49

Devoted Pet Food

Devoted make their pet food without any added grains whatsoever. Their cat, dog and puppy foods are free from wheat, gluten, soya or dairy and with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Devoted pet food works in harmony with your pets' natural digestive, energy and dietary needs.
How to try: Save 20% on your first order with code IAMDEVOTED
Pricing: Price per bag, starting from £14.49

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Get 25% off Scrumbles all-natural pet food

25% off your first order of Scrumbles all-natural, gluten-free, tummy-friendly cat and dog food.


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