Dua Lipa had 'fun' with Future Nostalgia to block out second album anxiety

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  • 1 April 2020
Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has revealed that she made the process of her second album 'Future Nostalgia' as "fun" as possible to block out the anxiety of it being her difficult second record

Dua Lipa says she focused on making 'Future Nostalgia' "fun" to take away her "anxiety" about it being her difficult second album.

The 'Cool' singer shared how the playful feel to her follow-up to her 2017 self-titled debut is the result of blanking out the "scary" pressure that comes with the dreaded second album – which many musicians say they struggle with.

Speaking on Jessie Ware's 'Table Manners' podcast about it releasing earlier than planned because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she said: "I don't really know what kind of happens, but it is what it is.

"And for me i'm just like f**k it, people just get to hear it sooner if they want to hear it.

"If they want to wait and stream it on their streaming services, cool.

"That's the only way I can see it.

"And I really just kind of made this album because everyone was like, 'Oh second album, like that's a really scary one.'

"And there was so much pressure with it that I just wanted to basically make something that took me away from that, that took away that anxiety and something that I made just to have fun with."

Dua had to make the decision whether to delay her album or not with the coronavirus situation, but she ultimately decided it was best to give her fans the new music early.

She added: "I was also toying with the idea of whether to put it out at this time at all.

"And I guess some things just happen for a reason and I think people maybe need it now more than ever."

The 'Good in Bed' singer also explained that she and her model boyfriend Anwar Hadid were meant to move out of their leased apartment in New York, but the travel ban in the US and lockdown in the UK has changed their plans.

She said: "Me and my boyfriend have a flat there (New York), but because I was meant to go on tour at the end of April we were meant to not carry on our lease.

"And we were meant to go back to New York, and then that got kind of obviously cancelled because of the travel ban.

"So we still have a flat there.

"But I haven't been there in a little while. And I haven't been able to get there to move my s**t out."

Listen to the full interview on 'Table Manners' on www.tablemannerspodcast.com.

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