This month: Kaput!

The best new nights in town


Residents Colin (AKA Kid Twist) Duncan from Dananananaykroyd and Tom of 50pbadges.com.

Guests Regular live guests from the Scottish music scene and beyond will be a feature.

Music policy 50s rockabilly, rock’n’roll, 60s French pop and psyche, 70s Krautrock and punk rock, 80s new wave and no wave, 90s indie schmindie, 00s - whatever makes them giddy.

What they say ‘Kaput! is three childmen pulling shapes on the dancefloor to music they love and want to share with others. Kaput! is also three rockabilly robots riding through your town with a bad attitude and hearts aflame with rock’n’roll. Kaput! is three young friends who believe in the power of stories and magic.’

What we say Kaput! sounds like a fantasy date where you have a ménage à trois with The Cramps and Devo and end up spawning a beautiful, be-quiffed, quality music-loving bastard lovechild who goes on to be the next Elvis or indeed a member of Can. With these guys’ pedigrees it’ll be an anything goes happening.

Anything else that’s a touch different from other nights? Well, their take on the customary ‘warm up’ is of note: ‘gentle soundtracks and lullabies, gospel, guitars and Ivor Cutler. Ambient, outsider music and strange recordings, combined with visuals to (un)settle people as they make their way in.’

Why else should we part with our hardearned bucks? They promise, ‘a club with a music policy not based on haircuts and remixes. There’s been some proper crate-digging to ensure that all your soft bits are shaking on our dancefloor to obscurities, new beauties, old faves and lost classics.’ That’s a good enough reason as any, I’d say.

Kaput! launches downstairs at the Admiral Bar, Glasgow, Sat 3 Feb.

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