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  • 13 August 2008

Stuart wants plastic surgery

Stuart told Sara he wants a nose job. The hunky father-of-one - who faces eviction alongside Rachel this week - revealed some of his insecurities to the sexy Aussie during an intimate chat in the early hours of this morning (13.08.08).

He said: "My ex used to go on about my nose all the time. I can't wait to get it done."

He added: "I'm going on about my ex all the time. How sad is that?"

Sara - who flirted with Stuart throughout the conversation - told him he was being silly and was a "loser" for talking about his ex-girlfriend.

But Stuart continued to put himself down, saying he was also unhappy with his muscular physique.

He said: "Everybody in here thought I loved myself and took my top off loads. I'd rather not train than be anything like that."

Sara was quick try to iron out the personal trainer's complexes.

She told him: "I look at you differently sometimes, like yesterday I thought you looked macho man, but tonight you look cute."

Yesterday, Stuart said he wanted dental surgery to straighten his teeth.

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