Mikey scolds Rex

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  • 13 August 2008

Mikey refuses to thank Rex

Mikey refused to thank Rex for dinner last night (12.08.08). The blind housemate moaned about professional chef Rex taking over the cooking once again after the Heaven/Hell divide was removed over the weekend.

He told Lisa: "I'm not asking him to cook, other people can cook. We're not having a repeat of Rex in the first three weeks when he cooked and now for the last three weeks he cooks."

Arrogant bully Rex earlier scolded Mikey for not thanking him for his meal.

Mikey added: "I'm not going to say thanks to him for cooking dinner.

"Even his girlfriend has started saying, 'Oh Mikey, did you like the dinner?' because they've obviously had a conversation about me not saying thanks for a meal."

Lisa agreed Rex was being too controlling and complained he had previously slammed her for her culinary skills.

She said: "He thinks he's in one of his restaurants and we're his staff."

Mikey added: "Does he want me to get on my hands and knees and kiss his feet? I'm not going to start worshipping him because he's making dinner."

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