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  • 13 August 2008

Darnell wonders about the task

Housemates woke to find a long jump in the garden this morning (13.08.08). The group - who had spent yesterday kick starting the 'Big Brother Games 2008' with an opening ceremony and treadmill task - were keen to get out of bed for once after turning in at midnight.

Welsh beauty Rachel - who faces eviction alongside Stuart this week - and rapper Darnell were the first to see the new addition to the garden and wondered when the games would end.

Rachel said: "How do we pass the shopping task? Maybe it's just taking part?"

Darnell replied: "Yeah, there's only three weeks left and they really don't want us to be miserable."

A supply of bananas and energy bars were also dropped off in the house over night.

Shortly afterwards, sexy Aussie Sara came out to the garden and looked shocked at the new Olympic-style event in the garden.

She said: "I wonder if the winner gets something extra special."

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