My Perfect Podcast: A Gay and A NonGay

My Perfect Podcast: A Gay and A NonGay

James Barr and Dan Hudson tell us about their podcast habits

Dubbed variously as 'kind and funny', 'original and funny', and 'hilarious', the award-winning LGBTQ+ podcast A Gay and A NonGay is hosted by James Barr (A Gay) and Dan Hudson (A NonGay). Initially thrown together through circumstance, the pair have discussed many different topics on their 'cast (from dating trends to safe spaces, and Ellen to IKEA) and discovered lots about each other's sexuality along the way. Thanks to this darned COVID-19 thing, their live tour has been shunted from March to September, but their podcast will continue to offer weekly messages of hope and inclusion through comedy and chat. Here, the duo discuss milfs, princesses and cookies.

Which podcast makes you laugh?
James: Dear Joan and Jericha makes us howl with laughter! I enjoy it for the absurd and filthy agony-aunt vibes. I think Dan secretly enjoys it for the 'milfs'.

Which podcast educates you?
James: The National Student Pride podcast #QueerAF. It's a queer Newsbeat, sharing stories from young LGBTQ+ people whose stories are otherwise untold and under-represented. We guested on an episode last year to talk about what we've learnt from each other as a gay and a nongay.

My Perfect Podcast: A Gay and A NonGay

Which podcast makes you angry or sad?
Dan: I recently binged Listen Up: The Oasis Podcast and it did actually make me sad because we'll never have a band like that again.

Which podcast is your guilty pleasure?
Dan: I'm not sure I feel guilty about it, but That's Not Metal is my go-to rock music podcast every Friday. It breaks all the rules in that it's unedited and really long. But I never leave the house without it.

Tell us about someone who currently doesn't have a podcast but totally should
James & Dan: The Cookie Monster! He's taught us very valuable lessons about treating yourself, self-respect and, err, cookies. I mean, if there's now a podcast for your dog, I don't see how there shouldn't be a podcast for your cookie cravings.

Pitch us a new podcast idea in exactly 25 words
James: Disney princesses spill the tea in a tell all Real Housewives-style pod! Ursula thirsting over King Triton, Belle bitching about Gaston, and an Aladdin kiss-and-tell.

A Gay and A NonGay go on tour in September, and their weekly podcast can be found at