Studio 24, Edinburgh, Fri 2 Feb


Although trance is more of a niche market these days, in contrast to its Goan heyday in the mid-90s, there’s still a dedicated audience for it out there. Those who live in Edinburgh will have been disappointed of late, however, because the city hasn’t held a regular trance night in quite a while.

In which case, these folks might want to take full advantage of this month’s Indigitous, the latest in a series of irregular psytrance parties, which will be reaching its fifth anniversary this time out. ‘Myself and my mate Charlie are students’, explains organiser Jake Thomson. ‘We used to go out clubbing a lot, heading down to London and European festivals and so on - we’re both from down south -and we realised it would be easy to put on a club that was aimed at the student market. All we had to do was hire a room - the audience for it was real and tangible, and already there.’

Having started out at the Venue and moved briefly to the Bongo when the former location closed, Indigitous will now settle in Studio 24 for its at-least-once-a-term parties. This time out, guests are Henry Seligman (Dragonfly Records), Simon B (Twisted) and Disco Stu from London’s Echo Systems, a progressive night which Indigitous are allied to. ‘I love the huge community of trance,’ says Thomson, ‘almost unlike any other forms of electronic music. It’s much more engaging, too, not as repetitive as techno or house, I really do think it’s pure dance music; it’s refused to merge with other styles, unlike almost every other genre.’

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