Commitment-phobe Geri Halliwell

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  • 13 August 2008

Commitment-phobe Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell says she is a commitment-phobe.

The former Spice Girls star - who has a two-year-old daughter Bluebell with British writer Sacha Gervasi - has been romantically linked to celebrities including Jerry O'Connell but admits she avoids long-term relationships.

Geri - who is currently believed to be dating backing dancer Flipz - said: "I think maybe I am a commitment-phobe. I definitely have commitment issues. It is lovely to be with somebody and find a connection and be intimate and open, to have companionship and sharing. That is wonderful but I have learnt there are also minuses to that.

"As a single person, I have learned to cope by myself and I have my own habits, my daughter and good friendships which I have worked hard on, so allowing someone else into my life is a huge adjustment. I shy away from commitment and I admit that, but I also look around me, at so many unsuccessful relationships and think, 'No wonder!' "

Geri also says she is "fickle" when it comes to her love life and her feelings change all the time.

She added to Britain's Hello! magazine: "One minute I think somebody is the love of my life and then the next I don't. I blow hot and cold. I do idealise relationships and I think they should be hot all the time.

"I am trying to let go of that and realise that no human being, including me, is perfect or can live up to a fantasy."

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