We asked our staff: What is the best thing to watch on Amazon Prime Video?

  • The List
  • 19 March 2020
We asked our staff: What's worth watching on Amazon Prime Video right now?

Jerry, Elaine and George from Seinfeld

Michael Scott, Ryan Gosling and the Parks gang are here to see you through your self-isolation

The phrase 'staying in is the new going out' has come to fruition and with it, the staff of The List have been chatting back and forth (on Slack of course) about all the things worth watching on Amazon Prime Video right now.

Amazon swanned into the streaming game later than most (hey Netflix!) but has gone on to produce acclaimed originals including Star Trek: Picard, Good Omens, American Gods (S3 coming soon), Transparent, Jack Ryan and The Boys (S2 coming soon) among a long list of others. Here are The List's recommendations for the best things to watch on Amazon Prime Video during self-isolation and social-distancing.


I rewatched Seinfeld on Prime Video recently, which is a great companion to the new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm that's just come out. It's so awkward and the characters are the worst, I love it.
— Arusa Qureshi, Editor

Doom Patrol & Rome

I really enjoyed Doom Patrol – technically it's on Starz, but you can access Starz with Amazon Prime. It's based heavily on Grant Morrison's run on the comic from the '80s and it's the most fabulously bonkers superhero show.

Other than that, I have been rewatching Rome, because nothing is more reassuring in times like these than a show about a time which was demonstrably even worse.
— Alex Johnston, Senior Content Producer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

I watched The Killing of a Sacred Deer on Prime at the weekend, with Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman. It was so shockingly bonkers and very 'Old Testament' that I forgot where I was for a wee while…
— Stuart Moir, Software Developer

We asked our staff: What's worth watching on Amazon Prime Video right now? image: Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman in The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Travel Man

Since flights are suspended, I'll be using Richard Ayoade's help to travel the world watching Travel Man. Where will we go?? (Nowhere as I'm stuck on the sofa).
— Amy Clarke, Events Development Executive

Silicon Valley

I've gone back to watch the whole run of Silicon Valley (on Prime but must be purchased sadly). Guys in a house planning to be billionaires but seemingly living day-to-day on cereal, pizza and bullshit. Eventually their billion-dollar idea causes a plague but it's still funny somehow...
— David Low, CEO

Parks and Recreation

It always brings me great comfort to know that I can watch old episodes of Parks and Recreation on Prime. The world needs heroes like the feisty and determined Leslie Knope right now. Plus, Pawnee has the famous miniature horse Lil' Sebastian to keep everyone's spirits up. Treat yo self.
— Megan Forsyth, Content Development Executive

We asked our staff: What's worth watching on Amazon Prime Video right now? Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation

Modern Family

I'm bingeing Modern Family as it is a nice easy watch amongst all this chaos.
— Rachel Cree, Senior Events & Promotions Manager


No matter how many times – and trust me, it's a lot – I see this thrilling and smart cat-and-mouse game with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. I get excited, frustrated, worried and then happy every time as I watch Hopkins try to get away with murder while Gosling tries his hardest to outmanoeuvre him. It's an absolute must for everyone even slightly interested in crime and thriller.
— Julia Kajdi, Content Producer

The Office US

I recently got Prime Video and ran through all ten seasons of The Office pretty quickly (for the second time). I think it would be a great choice to watch right now if you're missing day-to-day office antics and need some light relief. Michael Scott is one of the best written, most laughter inducing characters of all time in my opinion and Steve Carell pulls it off magnificently (sorry Ricky Gervais!).
— Becki Crossley, Affiliate Content Executive

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