Missing live gigs? Head for Paradise City!

Missing live gigs? Head for Paradise City!

Virtual gigs may well become common for a while / Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

GigsGuide opens virtual concerts to the world

Running a site which was meant to suggest gigs you could visit whilst travelling, seemed like a great idea. Founder Francesco Cetraro, a well-travelled tech founder, hopped between cities and hotels but knew there was something missing.

As Francesco says on the GigsGuide site:

One day, Francesco finally acknowledged that there was a hole in his soul. He didn't want to miss a thing while travelling so much. Enough was enough and that a change was gonna come. He was passionate about culture and music, so he was always looking for interesting events to attend while away on business trips. This lead to many amazing experiences at live music events, but it took a lot of time and effort to find these manually. As the frustration grew, he started wondering if there was a better way to do this.

And so began the journey of GigsGuide. But like many things in recent life, the live gig industry has effectively gone into hibernation during the COVID-19 outbreak, something many in the industry are struggling to come to terms with.

Not so, Francesco and team. One Saturday night the team realised, if they can't get to music, why not bring the music home?

And so 'Operation Paradise City' was born - and although the song states that the grass is green and the girls are pretty there, it's an invention of the GigsGuide team so you can imagine any environment you want!

As a result, gigs.guide/live is fast becoming a rare place where physical and virtual gigs can sit side by side, opening up gigs to a much bigger audience when this global health crisis passes.

Let's give the final word to Francesco:

Looking on the bright side, I also see an unintended - but amazing - consequence of not having to physically move to go to a gig. Being stuck at home watching live concert streaming all day might actually be the best time to discover new artists to love. This should also give us all something to really look forward to when we will be finally free to roam the earth again: take amazing trips to go see our new favourite artists perform live!
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