Perfect Vagina (3 stars)

Perfect Vagina

Channel 4, Sun 17 Aug, 10pm


Get set to cross your legs and grit your teeth as Lisa Rogers fronts a very different kind of scrapheap challenge as part of Channel 4’s The G-Spot strand. We’ve all read the headlines and overheard the news that women are literally queuing up round the block to have surgery done on their lady gardens, but Rogers is determined to uncover the whole truth behind a remarkable surge in vaginal cosmetic surgery. And it’s not just the odd Brazilian that’s going on down there, but full-blown labial rejigging which has risen by a staggering 300% in the (quite literally) private sector.

With her mouth wide open and knees locked together, Rogers hunts down some of the women who are putting themselves through extraordinary pain and needless anxiety because, in the main, they are panicking about what sexual partners will think when they cop a glance at their disgusting womanhood. In one almost unbelievable instance, a teenager is almost forced to have her parts made less hideous after being teased about her genitalia by, of all people, her sister. Next week, we watch in bloody horror as men have an implant inserted in their brain so that they completely lose the ability to renew their subscription to Sky Sports. Actually, that would be slightly less ludicrous than the trend featured in Perfect Vagina.


1. CasinoX17 Aug 2008, 11:32pm Report

i have just watched 'the perfect vagina'

I believe that this program did not achieve the outcome it was hoping in making young and older women confident that their genital area is something to be proud of due to the presenter Lisa Rogers not coming across as secure about her own vaginal appearance.

my reasoning for this is whilst other women insecure with themselves let the viewers see why, Lisa did not show us (the viewers) her own vagina which led us to believe that she is more concerned about her own vaginal appearance.

this program could have been a valuable documentary that could of changed a lot of women's perceptions.

ps i have a lovely beetles bonnet fadge, where it is all tucked in side !!!! SAWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEt

2. ASTROGIRL18 Aug 2008, 12:43pm Report

Lisa did get her vagina out throughout the show,she didnt need to show the viewer as that was not the point of the programe.I found my dads porn mags when i was about to hit puberty and the show made me realise that i had a low opinion about how my vagina looked because of the airbrushed images that i thought were real.After the birth of my first child i had my labia reduced on the nhs,my vagina doesnt look much nicer than it did before the op but i have to say it feels much more comfortable as my labia no longer swell after sex or wearing tight jeans etc so for that reason only im glad i had the op. After the birth of my second child and at thirtyfive i realise my vagina probably looked its best before the birth of my children and op but i dont care anymore as i love my vag the way it is.A message to casinox i think you watched the show because you wanted to confirm to yourself that you do have a perfect vagina. That is all very well but i do hope you dont attract the likes of lisas painter and decorators.

3. CasinoX18 Aug 2008, 2:39pm Report

To Astro girl

why are you looking at your dad's porn you filthy bitch!
i did not watch the program because i believe i have the perfect vagina i just thought everyones was the same and didn't understand why people would want to change it

now i have watched the program i realise that my vagina is perfect and the people that had the op should have done so because they looked a little rough!

I am happily married with 3 children (all were vaginal births) and my vagina is near enough the same as it has always been before my children due to pelvic floor exercises most days.

me and my husband have a v. healthy sex life and he loves my porn star puff!

however i am pleased that the show made you feel more conformable with your own body!

4. CasinoX18 Aug 2008, 2:39pm Report

ps i dnt know what all the fuss is about anyway we all use it for the same thing
and having babies

5. ASTROGIRL18 Aug 2008, 10:10pm Report

To casino x.Hit a raw nerve did i? My gut feeling is that im corresponding with a rude teenager otherwise you would know by now that we dont all look the same.Anyway you love yours i love mine were all happy.

6. CasinoX19 Aug 2008, 4:38pm Report

I'm sorry to say that your 'gut feeling' is wrong i am not a teenager i am 25 years old with three children, i just dont have an obsession with my dads porno's and am not fascinated by other womens fannies. and after discussing with a few friends and my 50 year old mother that other women's labia grew so long and stuck out they did not realise either maybe my family are not so educated on the female gentile as you seem to be. Also i watched the program because i thought it would be interesting why teenagers feel the need to have a operation on their vagina now i know why.

7. ASTROGIRL19 Aug 2008, 5:49pm Report

The only reason i made a comment about you in the first place is that you watched a programe based on womens insecurities about the apperance of their private parts,then went on to boast about your own,which makes you about as sensitive as a brick.Now the only thing you think you can do to retaliate is to make fun of the issue of the programme which makes you an childish bully. Oh by the way seening as you seem to be so obsessed with my dads porn mags,i will just clarify that i found the mags under the matress of my parents bed when i was changing the bed one day and had a look. Its not good for youngsters to view this type of thing.Thats all i was saying.And lastly casino x remember nobody likes a show off.

8. CasinoX19 Aug 2008, 8:38pm Report

no one likes an over sensitive twat either astrogirl
and to be honest there was no reason to personal attack me on your first comment as we were both sharing our own views on the program you believe it helped, however i believed that the presented had not fulfilled the success of the outcome. fair enough we disagree.

and as for the porn even if you did fine it when you were 'changing the sheets' (why you would at a young age i dnt know) and you did find them magazines why would you look through them closely enough to see the difference in vaginas surely you would just shove them back under, and it sounds like you are more obsessed with them than i am, wow thats a lot!

as i have i already said i watched the program to see why the ops were taking place and now i know.but hey think what you like.

and thanks for the insults about being a bully and childish etc, i will be sure to write them on my CV.

9. SalB4 Sep 2008, 2:33am Report

Blimey. I thought this might be an intellectual conversation about how sad it is that women resort to mutilating their own body parts due to the misguided belief that we all need to look a certain way and that some vaginas are better than others.

CasinoX - your ignorance is astounding. That's all I can be bothered to say to you.

To everyone else, I hope that by thinking about the issues raised in this programme, albeit not very well, you realise that we're all different, we're all perfect and that if someone has a problem with the way your vagina looks (a) it's THEIR problem and (b) it's THEIR problem. Celebrate your difference, be proud of the way you look and if anyone is that superficial they're probably not worth knowing. Would you reject a man because of what his penis looks like???

Isn't it about time we celebrated how amazing the human body is without trying to create some sort of weird identikit look that comes from magazines that trade in insecurities? You are unique and perfect just the way you are. Don't play God.

10. Egyption Muslim8 Jan 2009, 10:29am Report

She is a woman that ment other thing she mean islamic cercumission instead of labia triming , islamic triming is not like african cuting , so this is what she wanted , she is a woman that have no morals , while the internationl health organization registered Islamic labia triming as a solution for protection form HIV aids , she is saying no , with her western idiotity , and she dont accept it , she is the not the one who judge she is only idiot , triming is used to make woman less wanting sex but still she want but not that much , the one not trimmed fell like she want sex all the day and this depend on the her hormons specialy in the too cold or hot countrys , secound she talked about virginity recovery , this is just forgiry this is not allowed in islam , man must know every thing about his wife , not sheating , this is a girl who did wrong , and she have to accept this disadvatigaes of this wrong deeds , but its not a shame as she showed , adultry is a deeds not a person , she this girl could be cleaned again by going under the islamic low , not to be killed like she showed islamic low have several lows ,

so please stop western stupidity

11. Chester22 Apr 2009, 2:16pm Report

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES let any surgeon lose on your vagina. Stupidly I did. Since that date I have been unable to sit for any length of time, my vagina is constantly dry, my range of movement is severely restricted - I have a painfull scar around the scene of the surgery. Even bending to pick up something off the floor - hurts. I have been unable to get any help from the medical. I can't even sue the surgeon as his colleagues have closed ranks. The GMC have let me down with complete indifference.
If anyone wants any more info. or has similar tales to tell - email me - please. Paula

12. John Ellis18 Jan 2017, 11:58am Report

I was on this documentary myself I was the taller of the two decorators working on Lisa Rogers bedroom but we were painted in a good light excuse the pun . Lots of things edited and taken out of context God I had grief from women when this was aired lol

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