Home alone? Here are some great self-isolation events you can attend from home

Home alone? Here are the best self isolation events you can attend from home

Stay At Home Festival, online pub quizzes, cooking lessons and more to keep you busy during the coronavirus outbreak

Staying at home and practicing social distancing doesn't mean you can't have fun. The whole world is adjusting to the new situation caused by the coronavirus, with multiple online events and activities to keep you entertained. We've gathered just some of the indoor activities you can turn to during your self-isolation, including online cabaret nights, comedy and science festivals, pub quizzes and live drawing sessions, as well live cooking lessons from one of the best chefs in the world.

Stay At Home Festival

From Mon 23 Mar — with previews from Fri 19 Mar — you'll be able to stream live performances from your home, courtesy of the Cosmic Shambles Network. The plan is to feature the top names in comedy and science (also music, please see more about that below) once or twice a day for free. There is, however, an option to donate various amounts for each show to support the artists who have had to adapt to an impossible situation and cancel all their gigs and events in the near future. The majority of the performances will start at 10am or 6pm with a few exceptions. The line-up will include live comedy clubs, shows and science talks.

Visit cosmicshambles.com/stayathome for more information.

'Get quizzical without getting physical.'

We know it's hard not to go to a pub, meet up with friends and have a nice ale or two while challenging those little grey cells, so Goose's Quizzes came up with a much welcomed solution (and the above-mentioned quote): let's do the quiz online. The weekly events will now run every evening from 7pm on Twitch. You'll be able to create your team and even chat with the organisers while the winners will be announced at 9pm on Facebook and Instagram.

Visit edinburghlive.co.uk for more information.

Kitchen Quarantine

Learn to cook from the best! Massimo Botture, the world-renowned chef of Osteria Francescana, virtually welcomes you into his kitchen to show you how to create delicious meals at home. The cookery lessons start at noon every day in English and all you need to do is follow Massimo's Instagram, get your ingredients and follow the steps of the Michelin-starred chef, who is super friendly, approachable and whose entire family — including the dog — will make an appearance here and there on the videos.

Online Art Gallery

Comedian and TV presenter Noel Fielding has opened up an online art gallery where he awaits submissions from everyone but especially from kids, encouraging them to get creative and keep busy during the long days ahead of us. Each day Fielding will name a theme and all you need to do is start drawing and painting, then tag your work with @noelfielding11 and wait for him and his friends to pick a winner.

To view the submitted art works, visit Fielding's Twitter account.

Quarantine Cabaret

Scotland's very first Instagram cabaret nights are here. Join host Cameron Foster and other performers as they take to the virtual stage to entertain us during a time when we need it the most. The new platform launches Sat 21 Mar and will feature 20-minute-long slots. The first line-up includes Heir of the Cursed, Craig Lithgow and Iona Lee, among others.

For more information, read our full article on Quarantine Cabaret.

ATYN's Life Drawing Sessions

Noel is not the only one pushing people to get creative while sitting at home. All The Young Nudes is launching a weekly life drawing session, running for two hours. The sessions are available to everyone anywhere in the world, with one starting at 8pm every Monday and the other at 7pm every Tuesday. There is a small fee of £6 to support the models and the organisers.

Visit atyn.co.uk for further information.

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