Music For Trans Rights: Grassroots organisation aims to raise awareness of trans and non-binary rights

Music For Trans Rights: Grassroots organisation aims to raise awareness of trans and non-binary rights

We speak to the organisers of a solidarity event which is to take place ahead of the deadline for submissions to the public consultation on the Gender Recognition Act

Music For Trans Rights launches in Glasgow on Saturday with a solidarity event featuring DJs Eilidh Rodgers of Sacred Paws and Raissa of club night 52 Girls. Established by cis and trans people from the Scottish music scene, the grassroots organisation aims to raise awareness of trans and non-binary rights. The event, which takes place at the CCA's Saramago terrace bar from 8pm, comes ahead of the deadline for submissions to the public consultation on the Gender Recognition Act. We spoke to its organisers about the GRA and its plans for the future.

Who are you?
We're all kinds of everyone with two things in common: we love music, and we love our trans and non-binary family.

Why are you doing this?
Because equality is under attack. Trans and non-binary people are being targeted by people who don't want them to have the same rights as everyone else. We're here to say: equality is for everyone.

What do you want from me?
We'd like you to stand in solidarity with trans and non-binary people in any way you can. You could come to events like ours. You could share trans and non-binary people's posts on social media. You could seek out art made by trans and non-binary artists, and you could show your love for allies such as the wonderful people performing at our events. Also, badges. Everybody loves badges. But right now we'd really like you to complete the Scottish Government's consultation on gender recognition reform, which closes on 17 March. It's urgent and important.

What's this consultation all about?
Before trans people can change their birth certificate to match their correct gender, they have to get a document called a Gender Recognition Certificate. The current process is incredibly demeaning, intrusive and expensive, and it isn't available to non-binary people at all. The Scottish Government is proposing to make the system a little less cruel.

Unfortunately some people don't want the system to be made less cruel, and they've been responding to the consultation in large numbers. And that's why we need your help. It's easy – five questions, and you can do it in just a few minutes.

How do I find out more?
See what the Equality Network has to say. Sisters Scotland also has a good guide for allies.

What do LGBT+ groups and women's groups say about GRA reform?
They're in favour, and have said so publicly.

Here's an open letter from over 70 LGBT+ groups supporting the proposed reforms: 'We are resolute and united in support of trans equality and human rights … and today reaffirm our support for trans people and equality. We stand for LGBT equality alongside equality for all other groups – there is no real equality unless it is equality for all.'

Here's an open letter from hundreds of women who support the proposals: 'Trans people have played an integral role in every civil rights movement to date, from LGBT equality to women's causes … we support trans rights.'

And here's the joint statement by Scottish organisations Close The Gap, Engender, Equate Scotland, Rape Crisis Scotland, Scottish Women's Aid, Women 50:50 and Zero Tolerance in favour of gender recognition reform: 'The complexity, restrictions and expense of the current gender recognition process particularly discriminates against trans people who are disabled, migrant, minority ethnic, unemployed, homeless, fleeing domestic abuse, young or non-binary.'

What's happening?
We're having a solidarity event on Saturday 14 March at Saramago, CCA called Music for Trans Rights – we'll have DJs from Glasgow's music scene and our friends from Scottish Trans Alliance will be there. Come over for an evening of the best tunes and if you haven't done it yet, fill in a quick GRA response with your pals while you're there. We're also planning a gig in a couple of months, stay tuned!

Music for Trans Rights, CCA, Glasgow, Sat 14 Mar.

Music for Trans Rights

Party with guest DJs Eilidh and Raissa, aiming to get people involved with the Scottish Government's consultation on reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.

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