Mrs Fletcher, Sky Comedy (3 stars)

Mrs Fletcher, Sky Comedy

Kathryn Hahn is excellent as a mother in limbo in this comic treatise on the perils of online porn

Billed by Sky as a 'raunchy' series, an austere announcer confirms this at the beginning of almost every episode of Mrs Fletcher: 'the following programme contains scenes of a sexual nature'. You're darn tootin'. In the throes of empty nest syndrome thanks to a husband who left her to build a new family long ago, and a teenage son just headed off to college, Eve Fletcher (Kathryn Hahn) does what every fortysomething mom would do in this scenario: she drinks lots of white wine and launches a near obsessive relationship with online pornography. Clearly, it's not enough for us to witness Eve sampling the wares on her laptop, as we get to see some hardcore imagery for ourselves.

Eve, and a few others including her son Brendan (Jackson White), do get to touch actual human flesh across seven episodes, but their interactions with porn seep into real life and pretty much mess everything up: we don't actually see Brendan surfing for filth, but, well, you know, he's a 19-year-old boy …

Based on the 2017 novel from Tom Perrotta (his work has already made a big splash on HBO with the adaptation of The Leftovers), the show spirals off to take in a few other modern relationships, including the trans teacher and a student of the creative writing class Eve attends. Also in that class is Julian (Owen Teague), a teenage boy who we gather was bullied by Brendan throughout their school lives and is now on anti-depressants. As Eve grows closer to him (and her fascination with threesomes grows), you sense that matters will come to a shuddering head.

Always enjoyable but never quite hilarious enough as a comedy (unless you're tickled by the sight of a pensioner masturbating in front of everyone at the care home Eve works in), Mrs Fletcher features one of the most sympathetic characters in recent TV (Eve), as well as one of the most obnoxious, selfish and even cruel creations (Brendan). It also has a very Brit-centric soundtrack featuring the likes of Ride, The Smiths, Buzzcocks and Echo And The Bunnymen. Set up very nicely for a second season, you might not find yourself laughing out loud, but Mrs Fletcher is almost certainly going to teach you a thing or two.

Episodes watched: 7 of 7

Mrs Fletcher airs on Sky Comedy, Tuesdays, 10.15pm; all episodes available on NOW TV.

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