My Perfect Podcast: Zara Janjua

My Perfect Podcast: Zara Janjua

The producer and presenter tells us about her favourite podcasts

Zara Janjua has undertaken a highly varied career, with comedian, journalist, documentary director and TV news reporter among her credits. Since November she's been host of Ask For More, getting up close and personal with some of Scotland's top businesswomen as they discuss exactly how they got here today. Among the guests who have appeared in episodes so far are Judy Murray, Pheona Matovu and Diana Borland, while the likes of Kirsty Wark, Kaye Adams and Sharleen Spiteri are coming up soon. Here, Janjua tells us about uncovering the past and hiding under the covers.

Which podcast educates you?
The History Chicks which each week features an interesting female character from the past. I'm a huge fan of Gentleman Jack and Albert Nobbs: discovering the hidden history of women is fascinating.

Which podcast makes you laugh?
The Guilty Feminist with Deborah Frances-White. We can all be a bit hypocritical and expect too much of each other, so it's lovely to hear people talk openly about their flaws.

My Perfect Podcast: Zara Janjua

Which podcast makes you sad or angry?
I struggle with culinary podcasts. I love food, so I want to see it, smell it, taste it. On a podcast, it's just a big tease. Also, I have misophonia (a fear of slurping or chomping) so it genuinely enrages me to hear someone eating loudly.

Which podcast is your guilty pleasure?
My Dad Wrote A Porno. It makes me cringe and laugh in equal measure. Sometimes I have to hide under the covers when I listen to it.

Tell us someone who currently doesn't have a podcast but totally should
Patsy and Eddie from Ab Fab reviewing health fads and wellness products. With Bollinger. Who wouldn't like to hear Patsy's commentary on goat yoga?

Pitch us a new podcast idea in exactly 25 words
Cartoon characters interviewing other fictional creations. Like Celebrity Deathmatch but with obscure clashes. Imagine Cartman from South Park interviewing The Little Mermaid and Sherlock Holmes.

Zara Janjua hosts the weekly Ask For More podcast.