Rex roughs it

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  • 12 August 2008

Rex admitted he likes caravans

Rex told the housemates he goes on a caravan holiday every year. The rich playboy - who regularly boasts about his wealth and posh hotel visits to the rest of the group - revealed he roughs it on annual family holidays to Cornwall.

He said: "We go to a static home in Cornwall every year."

But Rex's 19-year-old girlfriend Nicole was not so impressed with the chef's cheap holiday habits. Lisa asked if she had ever stayed in a caravan herself.

She replied: "No way!"

Meanwhile, Stuart tricked Mikey by telling him Mohamed and Sara were asleep.

The head of house had previously informed the group he would soak them with water if he catches them asleep while he is in charge.

But before the blind cross dresser could get his jug, Mohamed piped up.

He said: "I'm not asleep Mikey! I'm resting before I have to go on the treadmill!"

Mikey has splashed Mohamed twice for falling asleep before bedtime.

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