Konx-om-Pax – Return to Cascada (4 stars)

Konx-om-Pax – Return to Cascada

Tom Scholefield returns with another rich palette of sounds in this extended EP

A remix package can be a tricky proposition; an opportunity for a well-known producer to invite a few friends round and have a play in their sandpit, with results often adding up to less than the sum of their parts. In the case of this new extended EP from Glasgow-raised, Berlin-based producer and graphic designer Tom 'Konx-om-Pax' Scholefield, the fact the majority of the remixes are ones he's performed upon his own songs adds another dimension to the venture.

Last year's album Ways of Seeing is the source canvas for the half-dozen mixes selected here, which is perhaps an attempt by Scholefield at some sort of Kanye-esque continual writing process, rather than a straight redo. One of the reinventions here isn't his, and that's the opener – Skee Mask's gorgeously imagination-firing blend of ambient synth sounds and pattering drum & bass beats, which have overtaken and elevated the original 'Rez'.

Scholefield blends sounds and genres expertly, creating a rich palette which brings to mind the sonic landscapes of his sometime sleeve art client Oneohtrix Point Never, yet with a bunch of sonic reference points drawn from the thirty-plus-year history of dancefloor electronic music. The title track fuses a Daft Punk-like vocoder part to a pulsing techno beat and a scything lead melody which is purest EDM, while 'Saule Acid (Club Mix)' is, as the name suggests, a venture into the raw, squelchy melodies of acid house, with a lovely ambient keyboard line running through it.

The Nightwave-featuring 'I'm For Real (Ambient Mix)' blends electro and ambient to create a sense of neon-streaked nocturnal atmosphere, while the live version of 'Caramel' is pulsing and dancefloor-ready, and 'Teufelsberg' brings an unexpected choral vocal to the established atmosphere. All of the work here has maintained or improved upon the quality of Scholefield's originals, which is the clearest reason for this pleasing journey of a collection to exist.

Out now on Planet Mu.

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