Halsey plans to step back from touring 'for a very long time'

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  • 2 March 2020


Halsey has told fans she may not be touring "for a very long tour" after her 'Manic' world tour

Halsey is planning to step back from touring "for a very long time" after this year.

The 'you should be sad' singer dealt a blow to her fans as she admitted that her current jaunt around the world in support of her latest LP, 'Manic', could be her last shows for the foreseeable future.

Sharing snaps from her recent gigs, Halsey wrote on Instagram: "I think 2020 will mark the end of me touring for a very long time.

"Thank you for making the memories so special. I am cherishing every single night."

The extensive run – which hits the UK this weekend – is due to wrap at Seattle's White River Ampitheatre in Washington on June 2.

The '11 Minutes' singer's comments on her touring future come after she recently admitted that she fears both her career ending and it killing her off.

She said: "There's been a lot of times where I've thought: 'If I keep doing this I'm gonna die.'

"Other times I think: 'But if I'm alive and I'm not doing this I might as well be dead.'

"This is all I've known for the past five years.

"I hope the world gets more sensitive to that. I don't think it will."

Halsey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was just 17, and contemplated taking her own life seven years ago.

And the 'Without Me' hitmaker previously explained how her music helps with the condition – which sees the sufferer experience episodes of mood swings ranging from manic highs to depressive lows – as she is able to channel her feelings and manage her energy by pouring her feelings into her songs.

She said: "I have bipolar disorder, and I get bored of s**t really quickly.

"Music is this thing that I get to focus all my chaotic energy into, and it's not a void that doesn't love me back.

"It's been the only place I can direct all that and have something to show for it that tells me, 'Hey, you're not that bad.'

"If my brain is a bunch of broken glass, I get to make it into a mosaic."


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