The Games begin

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  • 12 August 2008

Sara thought timing was perfect

Housemates performed their opening ceremony for the ‘Big Brother Games 2008’ this afternoon (12.08.08, 2.35pm). The contestants dressed in red tracksuits as they practiced a routine to kick start the Olympic-style challenge.

But their rehearsal was interrupted when Big Brother announced it was time for the final performance.

Sexy Aussie Sara was confident they had mastered the moves during the trial run.

She said: "The timing was perfect."

Before the real thing, Rachel explained to Stuart how best to spin her around without dropping her.

She added: "And then we just do our jazz hands at the end."

Big Brother asked Mikey to take his place on the podium and have his megaphone ready to lead the celebrations.

He said: "Positions please Mohamed, stub that cigarette out."

Housemates performed their routine to music and seemed very pleased with it.

The group will later have to compete in grueling physical activities including swimming, push-ups and running.

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