My Perfect Podcast: Stuart Cosgrove

My Perfect Podcast: Stuart Cosgrove

The broadcaster, author and avid St Johnstone fan tells us about his favourite podcasts

Stuart Cosgrove has been on the UK's cultural scene for a few decades now during which time he has written about music for the NME, served as head of programmes at Channel 4, published books about Northern Soul and the dark side of Scottish football, and hosted Off The Ball aka 'the most petty and ill-informed football show on radio', with his pal Tam Cowan. As part of The Big Light network's new range of podcasts, he co-presents Talk Media with Eamonn O'Neill, a weekly candid analysis of how the media works. Here, Cosgrove tells us about Japanese phone booths and recycled jokes.

My Perfect Podcast: Stuart Cosgrove

Which podcast educates you?
Brave Your Day, a podcast about wellbeing and mental health whispers things to you that are worth keeping in mind in busy and demanding times.

Which podcast makes you laugh?
Frankie Boyle's The Promethiad. Stand-up in podcast bites.

Which podcast makes you sad or angry?
A podcast called Really Long Distance. It's the story of a phone booth in Japan that attracts thousands of people who lost loved ones in the 2011 tsunami and earthquake.

Which podcast is your guilty pleasure?
The PLZ Football Podcast with Tam Cowan. I like to hear his jokes recycled on a different platform.

Tell us someone who currently doesn't have a podcast but totally should. And why do you think their one would be amazing?
My neighbour Jackie is an art teacher in Clydebank, and is a mine of stories about talented kids that need to believe and realise their potential.

Pitch us a new podcast idea in exactly 25 words
A podcast based on a journey from the old Muirton Park in Perth to the Highland Room in Blackpool, a romantic victory with rare soul.

Stuart Cosgrove co-hosts the weekly Talk Media podcast on The Big Light and co-hosts Off The Ball on Radio Scotland every Saturday. He also appears with Recollective at Aye Write, Mitchell Library, Glasgow, Friday 13 March.

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