Richard Holloway - Between the Monster and the Saint (3 stars)

Richard Holloway - Between the Monster and the Saint



Richard Holloway talks himself and us in and out of moral corners in this reflection upon the nature of good and evil and analyses their tug of war with intellectual ease. Beginning by contemplating the monster and ending with considering the saint, Holloway ponders the soul and suffering en route. This work oscillates continuously from darkness to light, but don’t expect definitive enlightenment or translucence. Holloway makes it evident throughout that the monster and the saint are closer than we would care to imagine, and that the world we live in contains multitudes.

Liberally sprinkled with words and wisdom from such luminaries as Simone Weil, Robert Browning and WB Yeats as well as anecdotes from Holloway’s own life and work, he has the diplomacy and honesty of a former man of the cloth. Focussed and fluid, this philosophy-lite is enjoyable to read and prises the mind open to thoughts hitherto unconsidered.

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