Christopher Brookmyre - A Snowball in Hell (4 stars)

Christopher Brookmyre - A Snowball in Hell

(Little, Brown)


Terrorism, reality TV, manufactured pop, hacking, magic and a wee touch of romance: Christopher Brookmyre likes to pack a lot into his literary sandwiches. And, as usual, his fans will happily gorge themselves on it, because tucking into a Brookmyre is just so darned easy. Putting it down is the hard part, with each chapter closing on a bombshell that launches you into the next one.

A Snowball in Hell sees a few key characters return from earlier novels; namely maverick terrorist Simon Darcourt, Glasgow copper Angelique de Xavia and the man she shouldn’t love, Zal Innez. This time, Darcourt is on a mission to rid the UK of a few superfluous celebrities – the Pete Watermans, Gary Bushells and Victoria Beckhams of the world. The loved-up ending may feel a little trite, but after the gruesome torture gone before, it’s good to know Brookmyre still has a heart.

Chris Brookmyre

Brookmyre discusses his eighth Jack Parlabane novel, Want You Gone. Christopher Brookmyre is the author of novels starring investigate journalist Jack Parlabane, counterterrorism officer Angelique de Xavia and crime duo Jasmine Sharp and Catherine McLeod, a private detective and a police investigator. In 2016 his…