Denise Mina & Leonardo Manco - comic review (4 stars)

Denise Mina & Leonardo Manco

Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy (Vertigo/Titan)


Bitter mage John Constantine makes his way to Scotland, as crime writer Denise Mina (Field of Blood/The Dead Hour) makes her first foray into comics, bringing Constantine onto her home territory, Glasgow, the setting for most of her mystery novels. Here the chain smoking magician is drawn into a feverish conflict with the Oransay Contingent, a mysterious cult born off the Isle of Iona. Hellblazer once again wallows in it’s occult origins, as the destructive power of empathy and the hellish ‘third place’ are revealed.

Shot through with realism even within its paranormal world, Mina roots the characters in a grim world of ghosts, death and demons. Leonardo Manco has perfected his bleak art and thick black shadows that fit the urban horror so perfectly. A Scottish twist on one of comics’ most enduringly dark characters.