Peter Pan Goes Wrong (4 stars)

Peter Pan Goes Wrong

credit: Alastair Muir

Utter chaos reigns in this tongue-in-cheek production of Peter Pan

It may be in the title, but it is nevertheless incredible exactly how much can and does go wrong in Mischief Theatre's wildly inventive production of Peter Pan. The follow up to their equally hilarious The Play That Goes Wrong, Peter Pan Goes Wrong takes all its predecessor's innovation, sharp writing, and sheer love of chaos and adds a beloved story for maximum riotous impact.

For a show about theatrical failure, the technical skills in evidence are remarkable: every pratfall, set collapse, and electrical issue – and there are many – is perfectly calculated and choreographed. The cast, meanwhile, are consummate professionals, even when playing the opposite, timing laughs and responding to the collapsing show around them with a priceless mixture of horror and resignation. Particularly wonderful are the 'stagehands' who appear at odd moments to try to manage the anarchy around them, only to be pulled into the proceedings.

Enjoyable, light-hearted, and very silly, this take on Peter Pan is a fascinating exercise in absurdity and metatheatrics. With Wendy and Peter having a furtive affair, Tootles suffering from ridiculous stage fright, and Captain Hook anxious about further funding, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is more interested in the uproarious tale of its fictional cast than of the boy who never grew up, and is a love letter to theatre in all its messy glory.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong, New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, until Sat 22 Feb. Also at Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Tue 25–Sat 29 Feb.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong

  • Directed by: Adam Meggido
  • Written by: J M Barrie (book)

A drama society set out to put on the best darn production of Peter Pan the world has seen, but – as the title suggestions – the best laid plans of mice and men will insist in going aft agley.

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