Marion Motin: 'With Rambert, the focus is dance and choreography, so I'm really proud to have my name on it'


credit: Johan Persson

French choreographer steps away from music videos to try her hand at working with the contemporary dance company on Rouge

Scroll through the comments under Christine and the Queen's 'Tilted' video on YouTube and you'll find a lot of love for Marion Motin. Although hardly anyone posting knows who she is.

Motin's choreography for the video receives copious praise, and rightly so. Just as with her video for Dua Lipa's 'IDGAF', her moves are quirky yet accessible, taking modern dance to a whole new audience.

Now, for the first time, the French-born hip hop choreographer has created work for a contemporary dance company. And on Rambert's current UK tour, her name will appear front and centre in a triple-bill alongside Wayne McGregor and Hofesh Shechter.

'I don't need people to know my name,' says Motin modestly. 'For me it's much better to see comments saying "ah the choreography in this video is good, who did it?" – I prefer that they know my work, than my name. But of course with Rambert, the focus is dance and choreography, so I'm really proud to have my name on it.'

Creating Rouge for Rambert, Motin found herself loving the technique the dancers brought – but bringing themselves proved a little harder.

'I invited them to not just be a corps de ballet but to be who they really are outside of dance,' says Motin. 'Because that's how I work with people, I like to get to know their personality. We had lots of discussions and it took time for them to just be who they are.

'But it was all such a pleasure because technically they are amazing and they understood everything so quickly. I would say "do you think you can do this?" – and they always could, which was so cool, they have no limits.'

Rambert, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Thu 20–Sat 22 Feb.


A triple-bill featuring Rouge by hip-hop choreographer Marion Motin, Wayne McGregor's PreSentient and Hofesh Shechter's In your rooms.