The Sex Pistols - live review (1 star)

Sun 3 Aug - Live at Loch Lomond

From the offset I thought that The Sex Pistols were an odd choice to close a predominantly dance and indie orientated festival. Going to see them was something that I had to do - my dad brought me up on a diet of punk and The Sex Pistols are one of his favourites - although I’m sure he’ll now wish I hadn’t.

I was neither impressed nor unimpressed, even when they played ‘Pretty Vacant’, average is probably the best word to describe them - ironic considering they abhor anything and anyone average. John Lydon did his best to rile the crowd with his political musings and outrageous statements, none of which invoked much of a reaction. As he gnarled at the back rows for not pogoing I started to really notice the streams of people leaving the arena and heading home. I lasted a couple more songs before we joined the exodus, and i found myself thinking that they should listen to themselves. They may have sung about the government making you a moron in that past. In this case, perhaps I’m A Celebrity that made Lydon a moron.

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