Stuart's Darnell clash

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  • 12 August 2008

Darnell argued with Stuart last night

Stuart and Darnell had a blazing row last night (11.08.08). The pair engaged in a heated argument after Rex - who sparked the conflict which resulted in Dennis spitting in Mohamed's face - said some housemates were getting "cliquey".

Darnell backed up the statement by saying contestants who formed groups were the ones to be voted off by the public.

But house hunk Stuart - who faces eviction alongside sweet-natured Rachel this week - took offense and accused the rapper of making a big deal over nothing.

He said: "Why are you making an issue?"

Darnell replied: "There's a group that have been consistent and some who have changed and all the changers have left."

Lisa backed Stuart up.

She told Darnell: "You're on a mission to prove something. Just have a laugh and chill out."

As conflicts escalated, Rex - who argues with girlfriend Nicole regularly - told the group they need to "grow up".

He added: "This is absolute b*****ks. It's all a pile of s**t. If you don't like someone, don't talk to them. If someone says something, don't hold it against them."

Lisa added: "You know what's funny? We'll be best friends when we get out."

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