The Down and Outs - live review (3 stars)

Sun 3 Aug - Live at Loch Lomond

60’s inspired indie outfit The Down and Outs opened their set with Runrig’s ‘Loch Lomond’ entertaining a practically full tent. Their vibrant sound brought a real mixture of people to their set from punks to fashionable scenesters, proving they have the real potential for mass appeal, especially when taking into consideration the fact that their slot clashed with indie giants Idlewild.

With their songs packed full of “ooop ooop ooops” and “sha la la laa” they cry out The Small Faces, Frank Wilson and The Ronettes. If they manage to stay true to their pop deluxe roots then there is massive potential for this underdeveloped band.


1. MeanMrMustard15 Aug 2008, 3:45pm5 stars The Down and Outs - live review Report

Hey I seen these fellas bobbing about the stage at Loch Lomond and they were superbly entertaining ..I agree with your review esp bit about mass appeal. Everyone in the correctly said full tent ..were more than enjoying a decent show for a change with decent melodies..and guys who could really play and sing (despite the death disco tent trying to spoil the party with its horrencous bass and drum volume next door.)

I spoke to a few punters around me after I said were they good or wot ? One response was ..."well I came to see the Sex Pistols..but now I dont care ..ive seen the band of the festival ..the DOWN AND OUTS" his mate said ..they were the best ..WE WANt moreOF THAT x

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