The Haze - live review (4 stars)

Sun 3 Aug - Live at Loch Lomond

Local heroes The Haze were a band that I had high expectations of. With so many people name checking them and countless band T-shirts being sported all over the place I wanted to see if they deserved the hype. They didn’t disappoint, wearing their influences on their sleeves. The Haze reek of Led Zeppelin, The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Wolfmother, which believe me is only a good thing. Their heavy, bluesy guitar riffs give them a dirty rock sound that is ballsy and unapologetic. Playing ‘Locked’ they displayed a more a trippy and atmospheric side. Sounding not dissimilar to The Doors with funky bass before leading you into heavy guitars and kicking drums. If you think that sexy rock and roll is over and a thing of the 70’s then fear not, The Haze are on a mission to bring it back.

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