Travis & Fripp - Thread (3 stars)

Travis & Fripp - Thread



The jazz strap-line on top of this review may prove misleading if you are coming at the recording from an acquaintance with Theo Travis’s more mainstream work with his various quartets over the years. The saxophonist also has a well-documented love affair with both progressive rock and the more experimental aspects of electronica and ambient music, and this duo outing with prog legend Robert Fripp leans directly to the latter pole.

Slow-moving, ethereal and spacious melodic improvisations, conjured up on Travis’s alto flute or soprano saxophone and Fripp’s skeletal guitar, are the order of the day. Titles such as ‘Land beyond the Forest’, ‘The Silence Beneath’, ‘Curious Liquids’ and ‘The Unspoken’ suggest the undemonstrative, atmospheric feel of the music, but there are intricacies and subtleties of texture and timbre for the patient listener to tease out from beneath the pastel-shaded sonic surface.

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