The Icarus - Monologues (3 stars)

The Icarus - Monologues



Featuring male/female vocalist duo Toby Trueman and Tori Higham, and production guy Tommy Forrest, The Icarus are Edinburgh’s answer to Massive Attack, God is an Astronaut and The Prodigy. Unconventional in their fusion of spiritual and post-9/11 hip hop lyrics, the trio recently sessioned for Radio One’s Vic Galloway. Track two, ‘Walking’, combines Tori’s Brainticket-esque whispers with Toby’s monotone warblings – an almost 70s schizoid detour. Also worthy are ‘Ghost of Oradour’, a slower recital that hits the crescendo button late on, ‘Visions’, which is very Weather Report, and ‘Dreamweaver’, which could be the Mahavishnu Orchestra for the nauseating noughties.

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