Martha Ffion on Major Minor Music Club: 'A truly unique and memorable experience'

Martha Ffion on Major Minor Music Club: 'A truly unique and memorable experience'

Martha Ffion and Andy Lobban give us their thoughts on taking part in this special gig experience during Burns&Beyond

Major Minor Music Club is a gig experience like no other, giving mini-humans the chance to get the full, undiluted live music experience in real venues, and giving their custodians an occasion to share with them. The likes of Admiral Fallow, Pictish Trail and C Duncan have played since Major Minor's formation in early 2018, and on Sunday it was the turn of Martha Ffion. We caught up with her to find out what it was like to play for a different kind of audience and also Andy Lobban, founder of Gerry Loves Records and a parent in attendance on Sunday.

Martha Ffion

Playing Major Minor was a truly unique and memorable experience. It was crazy, chaotic, fun, energetic and heart-warming, all at the same time. I really enjoy matinee gigs and it's something I'd like to do more of. I think there are loads of people who feel the same; families, people wanting to cut back on boozing at gigs, people who live a little further away from city centres and so on.

It's clear to see how much Major Minor means to the parents who go – being able to share their love of live music with their kids in a fun, safe environment. There was lots of other stuff there to keep young ones entertained too – including giant dancing dragons to celebrate Chinese New Year – which took some of the pressure off us! We were conscious of keeping the set upbeat but felt we could have some fun with it in this setting: we tried out a brand-new-never-played-before-song and a Billie Eilish cover!

The highlight of the day; getting a tiny handshake from a very cute mini Ziggy Stardust who told me 'I liked your singing – I like to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!' A warning though – be prepared for the sound of many balloons popping! However, it was pretty cool that the 'pops' managed to sync up with our rhythm section...

Andy Lobban (one half of Gerry Loves Records, and a father)

We've been to a few Major Minor gigs, sometimes as a family sometimes just for a father and daughter outing. It's great to find things to do as a family that everyone can genuinely enjoy, and this is definitely one of them. Parents can see some live music and have a very sensible drink without negotiating nights out and shared calendars. Children can run wild in a safe space, get their faces painted, put on temporary tattoos, eat donuts and play with balloons while also seeing live music.

They get to try playing drums in a place where no one cares about the racket. The lovely people who run it genuinely care about it and have fun with the kids. Sometimes the kids pay attention to the band, sometimes they don't, but there's no expectation to try and get them to be calm and quiet. There's something about seeing and physically feeling people play music live that mesmerises kids if they're in the right mood. This time my daughter and her pals mostly watched Martha Ffion and her band, sat cross legged at the front drinking Fruit Shoots. She always comes away from these gigs with a big smile on her face, asking questions about the band or the instruments or the songs. It's a great way to expose her to small live music at a young age, and bond over something we have in common. We'll be looking forward to the next one.

Martha Ffion has new music coming in 2020. Gerry Loves Records are also releasing new music in 2020.