National Museum of Scotland's latest exhibition brings to life our Jurassic forebears


Scotty / credit: James Morgan

Tyrannosaurs features AR experiences, extremely rare fossil specimens, life-size casts and more

If the words 'Tyrannosaurus rex' still bring back memories of the car chase in Jurassic Park, you're not alone. The world's largest dinosaur has been capturing our imaginations for a very long time. However, this exhibition, created by the Australian Museum, is the most comprehensive ever devoted to the tyrannosaur family and aims to expand our ideas about the world's most feared dinosaur.

T.rex might be the most famous tyrannosaur but there are at least 25 other members of the family, from feathered critters not much bigger than a human to the giant at the top of the prehistoric food chain. This is also one of the hottest areas of palaeontological study, with several new species discovered in the past decade.

The exhibition promises a mixture of science and spectacle, from fossils and cutting edge palaeontology to augmented reality experiences where visitors can interact Jurassic Park-style with life-size dinosaurs. The star of the show is Scotty, a life-size cast taken from one of the biggest and most complete T.rex skeletons in the world. The original was found in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1991, and named after the excavation crew who toasted their discovery with a glass of malt.

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, until Mon 4 May.


Comprehensive exhibition all about the ferocious dinosaur predator.

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