CBeebies regular Chris Jarvis brings the beloved Stan and Mabel to Scotland


Stan and Mabel get into the race for space by the hand of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in this new tale

The School for Wild and Dangerous Animals sounds like a scary place to hang out. But when you've got CBeebies regular Chris Jarvis looking after you, there's nothing to fear. The TV host is back in Scotland to deliver another of Jason Chapman's Stan and Mabel stories, and this time the music-loving dog and cat are joined by a whole host of beasts hoping to escape the aforementioned institution.

Jarvis narrated the Scottish Chamber Orchestra's first Stan and Mabel adventure in 2016, and is a firm advocate for introducing children to orchestral music at a young age. 'Storytelling in any form is fantastic,' he says. 'But when a young audience enters a concert hall and experiences the sound of an orchestra coming to life, something they may have heard before but never seen, and then watches it bring a story to life, that's truly magical.'

Composer Paul Rissmann has created a brand new score to accompany Chapman's tale, and a YouTube video has been made for families to learn the songs and actions before the gig. But while music is a key component, leaving space for Jarvis to deliver Stan and Mabel's epic escape was also crucial. 'We have to stay true to the text,' says Jarvis. 'And what's lovely is that Paul has been very mindful of the fact that while it's important to hear the orchestra at all times, it's also important to hear the voice.'

Stan and Mabel and the Race for Space, Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, Sat 8 Feb; City Halls, Glasgow, Sun 9 Feb.

Stan and Mabel and the Race for Space

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra bring to life cat and dog duo Stan and Mabel's escape from the School of Wild and Dangerous Animals, based off Jason Chapman's illustrated story.